Brew Fest Updates & FAQ’s

On November 1, 2018

This post contains the latest details for the Seacoast Winter Brew Fest.

We will be adding different notes and updates about the fest to this article.  Please refer back to this post for additional information.

11/01/18:  Brew Fest Updates

We are gearing up for the 7th Annual Seacoast Winter Brewfest.  Here are some updates for 2019 event.

– Tickets are available.

– The festival date is Saturday February 23rd, which will kick off the 10th Annual Portsmouth Beer Week.

– The beer list is projected to include over 100 different beers.

1/25/19:  Brew Fest Updates

– Beer List has been updated. It’s still being finalized, but a bunch of tasty brews have been added.

2/9/19:  Brew Fest Updates

– Beer List has been updated, multiple beers have been added to the list.
– The following breweries have been added: Definitive & Moat Mountain

Stay Tuned! More to follow.

2/20/19:  Brew Fest Updates

– Beer List has been updated, multiple beers and breweries have been added to the list. It’s about 99% complete.
– VIP Scotch, Whiskey and Bourbon list has been updated. The list has doubled, since the previous post.

The Brewfest is only a couple of days away — Hope to see you there!




Why does the beer list say “Coming Soon”?  To stay as up-to-date as possible, we started adding beers to the list earlier than normal.  As we receive confirmation from the participating breweries and source the beers, we add them to the list.  As soon as we can, the list will be complete.

Does the festival actually take place inside and outside?  Yes.  Participating breweries will be stationed on the 3rd floor night club and the deck outside.

Will there be anything available other than beer?  Yes.  In addition to the beer list, there will be Whiskey/Bourbon options during the VIP session.  There will be multiple hard ciders, along with water, soda and energy drinks available.

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